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Non-profits organizations have their specialized accounting, compliance, and consulting requirements. Their challenges are unique as compared to other profitable businesses. Starting from financial reporting and tax filing to the internal control reviews and bond compliance accounting for NPOs happens to be different from other businesses. It is exactly the situation where the need for a professional accounting firm specialized in taking care of the accounts and finances of churches and charities arises.

In this regard, Howard, Howard & Hodges can be a fantastic choice. We take pride in being one of the top non-profit accounting and CPA firms in Florida, catering to the varied and challenging requirements of Churches, Foundations, and all Charitable organizations in the best possible manner.

Howard CPAs work with a variety of non-profit organizations:

  • Health & Human

    Adult Foster Care Homes (AFC), Healthcare Facilities and services, Advocacy/Social Justice Organizations, Soup Kitchens, Homeless Shelters, Schools and colleges, and more.
  • Churches & Religious Organizations

    Churches, Mosques, Temples, Small Church Groups, Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs), and more
  • Charities & Foundations

    Animal Shelters and Rescue Groups, Environmental Conservation, Performing Arts, Museums, Historical Societies, and more.
  • Membership Organizations

    Chambers of Commerce, Trade Associations, and Other Not-For-Profit Membership Organizations.
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Seeking the Best Accountants and CPAs for Your Non-Profits, Howard CPAs at Your Service!

At Howard, Howard & Hodges, we offer comprehensive accounting and tax services to all types of non-profit organizations. We have a team of proficient experts who come up with complete solutions so that no organization needs to search for another service provider to avail of a service. Howard CPAs is renowned as a one-stop solution, taking care of accounts, finance, and tax requirements single-handedly.

Here, we have listed a brief of our offerings for a better understanding of the users.

Complete Accounting Solutions

We offer complete CPA accounting for non-profit organizations, making sure that all the financial statements are up-to-date and free from all sorts of errors. In addition to this, we also help audit review and compile financial statements for the organizations so that they can be free from any worries to completely focus on their mission.

Bookkeeping Service Provider

Howard, Howard & Hodges is a specialized bookkeeping firm for non-profit organizations. We make sure to prepare the books of accounts accurately and make them available whenever the need arises. The account statement is always available at the fingertips, thereby ensuring that none of the users face any kind of trouble accessing it.

Tax Planning and Preparation

When it comes to tax planning and preparation, churches and foundations face unique challenges like complex reporting requirements, specialized tax laws, etc. The professionals at Howard, Howard & Hodges act as the best tax advisors for NPOs to make sure that taxes are never a hurdle in their operations. The professionals have detailed knowledge and understanding of the existing tax laws & regulations, which help come up with suitable solutions. Our specialized non-profit organizations’ tax services are dedicated to the ones that do not operate for profit. For those organizations, we craft specific strategies to help them meet all the tax compliance and reporting needs in the best, most appropriate manner.

Payroll Processing and Management

We offer non-profit organizations payroll services to ensure that every member associated with the organization receives their salary on time. We have a special team that takes care of payroll processing for NPOs to ensure that everything is accurate and complete transparency is maintained at every step.

Advisory and Consulting Services

We understand that all non-profitable businesses have their own type and size. Therefore, their requirements tend to vary. To help them out with their varied requirements, we have a team of consultants who offer CFO advisory and consultation services. Our experienced consultants offer valuable advice and suggestions that play a significant role in helping non-profitable businesses carry out their operations without any kind of problems and make sure that compliance is met appropriately.

Schedule A Free Consultation To See How We Can Help You Meet Your Tax & Financial Goals.

Outsourced Non-profit Bookkeeping & Accounting Services From Howard CPAs

Howard, Howard & Hodges offers the best non-profit organizations accounting and tax services in Florida, taking very good care of all their requirements to ensure a hundred percent satisfaction among all. We house a team of adequately trained and vastly experienced professionals who possess in-depth knowledge of the workings of NPOs along with their unique needs.

Moreover, we act as a premier QuickBooks consultant for non-profit organizations to make sure that they are able to make the best use of advanced technology in maintaining their accounts. Thus, at any point in time, if you are searching for a firm to handle the accounts and finances of your NPO, your search ends here. Do not look any further and come to Howard CPAs without any kind of hesitation. Contact us today, and feel free to discuss your requirements with our experienced team.

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