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Start Planning Your Life with Our Personal CPA Services

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Howard, Howard and Hodges offer proactive personal CPA services to individuals and new startup businesses, including taxes, financial accounting and reporting, tax audits, financial planning, and more. Our advisors have years of experience in establishing financial security. We are here to help you prepare for retirement, save for your child’s education, plan your estate and provide solutions in elder care services. Special attention must be dedicated to building and preserving your financial wealth. 

You get dedicated guidance and a comprehensive financial plan that improves performance, helps with risk management, and ultimately ensures the growth and longevity of your wealth with Howard, Howard and Hodges. Personal financial planning is important in securing the future of not only yourself, but your loved ones.

personal CPA services
Personal Financial Planning
Our professionals apply advice and advanced tools to your financial planning. We provide clients with a snapshot of their portfolio with an ongoing analysis of their progress.
Estate Planning
Establishing an estate plan is a process that takes patience, good advice, and experience. Howard, Howard and Hodges has successfully guided countless clients through the estate planning process for over 60 years.
Trust Administration
The trust document gives the trustee the authority to manage the numerous trust assets within the document and distribute them to the beneficiaries within to the terms of the trust agreement.
Elder Care Services
Help and Support for Caregivers. Long-term care planning enhances the quality of life for the elderly by eliminating the worry. It is important to plan for the future to avoid leaving your loved ones with both heartache and financial burden.
Tax Preparation
An individual who has built a certain level of wealth or a business trying to reach their goals needs the sophisticated financial and tax services that only a professional accounting firm with years of experience can offer.
Tax Planning
Staying informed about the changes in your industry, while keeping you informed about changes in relevant tax and reporting laws, allows us to create a proactive, well-executed tax strategy that is fixed to your business goals.
Tax Issues
The rights of taxpayers are not always portrayed in the most honest way by the IRS. The IRS is notorious for not disclosing to taxpayers the full breadth of options that are available to them when issues arise.
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