Personal Financial Planning

Helping You Attain Financial Freedom

Howard CPA’s personal financial planning services are designed to empower you on your journey toward financial success. Our comprehensive services include budgeting, investment planning, risk management, saving for a home, funding education, and retirement planning. Each of our clients has a unique history for how they arrived where they are. They also have unique goals and definitions for their future success. With knowledgeable advice from our seasoned professionals and advanced technical tools, we are able to provide clients with an ongoing analysis of their progress towards their personal goals.

Our financial planning services include:
  • Planning for public or private compensation and income events and deferral strategies
  • Reviewing retirement needs and overall capital sufficiency
  • Planning for liquidity events of current and future generations
  • Testamentary and strategic lifetime estate planning, including document review
  • Developing strategies for gift and estate tax.
Financial Freedom

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Take The Steps To Financial Security

At Howard, Howard and Hodges we know that financial planning can be a complicated process. Our team of trusted professionals will give you the one-on-one guidance and specialized attention you need to help you take the steps towards planning the future.
Howard, Howard and Hodges can help you:
  • Plan for your child’s college education by reviewing your assets, helping you estimate the costs of tuition, determining if there are deficits or shortages of funds, analyzing strategies and alternatives to plan for these shortages and developing a plan that will help you achieve the optimal results given your family situation.
  • Plan for retirement by helping you determine your retirement goals and evaluating your current financial position in relation to those goals.
  • Plan for unforseen circumstances and events by helping you with financial budgets and savings plans to allow for those situations or emergencies that are unforseen and beyond your control.
  • Maximize the value of your estate by helping you create an estate plan that is unique and tailored to your individual and financial circumstances thereby providing the maximum benefit for your heirs.

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