A Compilation Of Useful Client Resources

Plan For The Future

Howard, Howard and Hodges is proud to offer easily accessible resources to assist in both business and individual financial situations. It is our goal to keep clients informed on the most current financial updates and information throughout the internet. Financial calculators for home mortgages, credit cards, retirement, and auto loans make it easy to know where your borrowing power stands.

We offer a client portal full of resources that allow you to check your tax refund, view tax strategies, calculate taxes, check tax rates, etc.

Tools to access IRS tax forms & view tax due dates. Very important to stay up to date with your tax deadlines & use the proper forms for filing.

Helpful links around the web to find valuable strategies such as how to save more money, how to get the max tax refund available to you.

Through our partnership with National Crime Search, we provide our clients access to a simple & affordable background screening solution.

Checks for LessBusiness Checks, Deposit Slips, Business Laser Checks, and SMBs Banking Supplies including Manual & Software Compatible Business Checks, Deposit Bags, Tax Forms, Self-Ink Stamps, etc.

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