IRS Audit Payment Dues – 7 Easy Ways to Pay Your Tax Bill This Year

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Every year, without failing, you must take part in the ritual of doing your tax audit and determining if you owe Uncle Sam money. That can be a grueling process. An IRS federal return preparer can help with IRS tax problems. Once you have completed your return, you will know if you owe money and how much. That will resolve IRS tax issues, except for one- how are you going to make the payment? This year the IRS will begin accepting returns on January 24th and the deadline for filing is April 15th.

In this article, we will explore 7 easy ways to pay your tax bill.

1. Check or Money Order

You can pay the old-fashioned way with a check or money order. Your IRS federal tax return preparer will give you Form 1040-V. That is a payment voucher and you can send it along with your check. Make the check payable to the United States Treasury and include your Social Security Number, tax form number, and tax year on the memo line.

2. Use a Debit or Credit Card

You can resolve IRS tax issues online at or the IRS2Go mobile app, including making payments. There you can access the three approved payment portals. They are:,, or ACIPayments, Inc. They charge a processing fee and you can’t cancel payments.

3. Direct Pay

You can get help with IRS tax problems at and you can also pay your tax bill with an electronic funds transfer from your checking or savings. Just access Direct Pay on the IRS website or IRS2Go app. There is no processing fee. You can schedule your payments up to 30 days in advance, and cancel or change payments two days before they are scheduled.

4. Use is a path to IRS tax problems resolutions when it comes to payments. You register with the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS). There is no processing fee required. You can schedule payments up to 365 days in advance. It can handle any type of federal tax payment. It is useful for business tax payments, your payments are especially large, you want to schedule all your tax payments for the year at once.

5. Use a Bank Wire Transfer

Your bank can help you resolve IRS tax issues related to payment by setting up a same-day wire transfer payable to the IRS. Fees for this service may vary from nothing to a lot, contingent on how big the payment is.

6. Use an Electronic Funds Withdrawal

Your IRS federal tax return preparer can help you arrange for a direct debit from your checking account via tax preparation software when you e-file your return. You can also do this yourself if you use tax preparation software. You must enter your bank account information into the program.

7. Make Your Payment in Person

If you like to pay important bills in person, you can pay at your local IRS office and avoid hacking, fraud, or scams. Be sure to go online and make an appointment first. You can also head to one of over 7,000 IRS “retail partners” at stores all over the U.S. You can find a list of IRS offices and “retail partners” at This will resolve IRS tax issues, just be sure to leave enough time for the stores to process your payment, at least a few business days ahead of the due date.


Navigating IRS tax payments can be complex, but various options are available, like electronic transfers, credit cards, and traditional methods, that offer flexibility and security. Utilize these IRS resources and plan to manage your tax obligations efficiently and avoid last-minute stress. Call us today and schedule a free, no-obligation meeting with one of the best small business accountants.

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