8 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Tax Firm

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You may have done your homework, including the math, and found that it is wise to hire a Certified Public Accountant firm for small businesses. Selecting a professional small business tax firm can be a grueling process if you don’t know what you should be looking for in a tax preparer. Many experts near your area in Florida can help you prepare your taxes; here are some key ideas that you need to consider when hiring one of them.

Finding the Ideal Certified Public Accountant

Hiring a tax preparer doesn’t have to be difficult. Prior to the interviews, Decide what’s important to you and your small business. Do you need a specialist, or will your CPA have general duties? Do you need help with annual accounts only or ongoing, regular management as well? To help you in your quest to find an excellent CPA, here are eight questions to ask:

1. How long have you been in business?

Not only do you want an expert Certified Public Accountant, but you’ll want one with experience as well so they will have been exposed to many different challenges.

2. What is your preferred method of client communication?

You may be surprised at the answer. Some CPAs want to communicate in person, while others would rather have meetings electronically, such as on Zoom or another online meeting method. Be sure you are alright with their preference, and if not, there’s no harm in shutting the interview down. You’ll be footing the bill for the services, so it’s ultimately your call.

3. Do you have references?

Just answering “yes” is not enough. You’ll want to see references and get permission to get in touch with at least one of them. Certified Public Accountant who are proud of their work will oblige you and be proud to show off their good standing status. Failure to provide references is a deal breaker.

4. Will my account be handled by one single person or a team?

While teamwork is great, and hiring a firm can have advantages if the job at hand isn’t enough to constitute more than one person working on it, save yourself from the headache and only agree for a single person account.

5. Can you share your thoughts on a particular situation?

If the CPA is willing, you can fire away one question you’d like answered. It can be about a tax deduction or any other accounting subject. The answer will give you a good idea of how much your professional can help your business through advice and suggestions.

6. What steps will you take for tax preparation?

You want to be sure your candidate is able to step up to the plate to contribute to your company through suggestions and implementations of finding better, more effective, and more efficient ways to maximize deductions and prepare for tax season throughout the year.

7. Can you provide feedback on my existing accounting system?

If the answer is “no”, you have eliminated one applicant. But, if he or she is willing to answer your question, you will learn if, in their opinion, your current method of financial recording and reporting appears to be the most effective one for your business or not. Welcome tips and feedback and see if your candidate is a good fit for your company. At this point, you should get a feel – one way or the other.

8. How will you improve my small business?

This is where the rubber hits the road when hiring a tax preparer for small businesses. Now, the ball is in your court. Do you feel your candidate has what it takes to work for you? If so, you can proceed with discussing pay and duties. If not, better luck on the next prospect.

Searching Tax Preparer Near Me

Looking for a tax preparer in your vicinity? Go online and conduct a search for “tax preparer near me”. Once the results come up, sift through to find those truly near you. Then go through and find those that interest you the most and begin to contact some. Set up interviews and narrow down your choices until you have your favorite.

Hiring a tax preparer is a big deal, and the end result of having an expert, experienced CPA contributing to your small business is priceless. Get in touch with us for all your business needs.

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