Internal Controls

Howard CPA’s internal control services safeguard an organization’s assets, ensure financial accuracy, and promote operational efficiency. Our tailored services are designed to manage risks, prevent fraud, and maintain compliance with regulations. Risk management isn’t just about minimizing risk – it’s also about optimizing business processes for future growth. At Howard, Howard and Hodges, we take the time to understand your concerns and identify high-risk areas in your business dealings. We can then work with you to develop a customized solution to address your business risks and improve operational efficiency.

Maximize Gain By Eliminating Surprise

Part of our job as CPAs is identifying and addressing deficiencies in the control environment of our clients. We go beyond merely identifying those risks for you; we can offer you solutions crafted by advisors who know your business and are experienced in your industry. When accidents happen, there is nothing better than knowing you’re covered. But how covered is too covered, and when does the cost outweigh the potential benefit of risk mitigation? We’ll work with you to determine the answer to these questions, helping you to find the perfect balance between costs and benefits of your insurance options.
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Helping You Succeed By Staying Risk Free

With the growth in electronic data every business maintains and the proliferation of technology, the threat of a data breach is ever increasing, and every company is vulnerable — from the largest corporation to the smallest startup. You are responsible for safeguarding confidential business information as well as your customers’ and employees’ valuable personal data. Let our highly knowledgeable, management consultants help you assess your IT infrastructure and create complete and practical solutions that address your vulnerabilities.

Financial Internal Control Advisory Services

Every business in every industry is governed by regulations, some more than others. Our professionals have experience guiding companies of all sizes through the ever-changing regulatory environments of their respective industries. When you add tax laws and regulations to the equation, the shifting web of legislation to comply with might seem convoluted or impossible to navigate. We provide you with a team of qualified professional Howard CPAs at your disposal, allowing us to help you mitigate risks of compliance wherever you go.

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