Strategic Business Planning

Howard, Howard and Hodges is here to guide you through the series of challenges that your business might be facing through our strategic business planning services, setting you on the path to success for many years to come. To navigate the fast-paced, intricate landscape of today’s marketplace, you need reliable, expert advice from experienced professionals you can trust. Howard CPAs is your resource, helping you meet your operational and strategic objectives with business consultation tailored to your unique situation. No matter which stage of the business cycle you’re currently in — startup, growth, or transitioning due to retirement — we offer guidance to help your company grow and mature.

Our team at Howard, Howard and Hodges offers you a host of professional advisory services beyond the necessary accounting functions — services designed to help you make decisions, and execute necessary transitions smoothly. We provide advice regarding business strategy, finance, risk, and more to help your business become more efficient and prosperous. With our wide range of proven experience and our commitment to knowing your business, we are the advisor you can trust.

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Planning Is The Key

Our creative solutions address your specific needs and help you improve the financial and operational areas of your business. With a clear plan in place — one that takes into account all of your business needs — you’ll have the insight to move ahead to the next level of growth. Objectives change as a business grows and matures. We customize our business strategy consulting services not only to each client, but also to your particular stage in the business life cycle.

At Howard, Howard and Hodges, our professionals understand your business needs and have the tools and knowledge to develop practical yet effective business plans. Through attentive listening and a deep understanding of your company and the industry it’s competing in, our trusted business advisors will bring objectivity, insight, and experience to your business strategy, helping you develop the plan you need.


Planning Strategies

  1. For Startup Companies – Do you have a business structure? Does your company have the right team, an advantageous equity structure and the appropriate funding in place? Are you certain you have fully minimized your tax burden? Do you have a plan for the future? We can help!
  2. For High-Growth Companies – Does your current strategy allow you to continue operating profitably for many years to come? Do you have a range of available financing alternatives? Are you keeping up with the changing business environment? Are you sufficiently financial, human resources, and accounting regulations savvy? We have you covered.
  3. For Established Companies – What do you want to do next? Are your managers and/or shareholders on board with your future plans? Do you have a succession plan? Do you have a plan for your accumulated wealth? We can help get you the peace of mind you are looking for with advice you trust.
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